“GET OUT OF THE CLASSROOM” – The Lean LaunchPad Approach

This week I’ve been at UC-Berkeley attending the Lean LaunchPad (LLP) Educators training.  In a nutshell… the LLP forces students to think about, validate, and test hypotheses about potential startups by kicking them out of the classroom and making them actually talk to customers.  Customer Development using the Business Model Canvas changes the focus for the startup founder.  Instead of working to the bone to obtain “THE BEST” product that people may or may not want… This process says talk to potential customers and figure out what they ACTUALLY want.  THEN… develop the best produce that they will actually use/buy.

You can find more information at the LLP link above or by checking out Steve Blank’s website.  The latter contains some great resources for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs.  It also has some fantastic resources for the entrepreneurship/startup/innovation educator.

In future posts I plan to discuss the educational components in much more detail but for now… check out the resources above.


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