The intention and goal of engineering our education is two-fold.  First, it is an attempt to evaluate, review, and add value to our current educational system.  The goal of an engineer is to problem solve, design, and add value, right!  We engineer everything from buildings to cell phones.  Adding value and innovating on a micro and macro scale.  Why not Engineer Our Education Too?  Why not see how much value we can add in this complex and political arena?

This site is in no way meant to be comprehensive.  It is merely a starting point for the discussion of  how to engineer our education.

About me…I am currently a graduate student at Virginia Tech, a former teacher of high school Physics and Math, and I also spent time working as an engineer.

B.S. Engineering Science from Penn State University.
M.S. in Industrial and System Engineering (Management Systems Engineering focus) from Virginia Tech

Co-Founder and Director of Inside Out Innovations, LLC.
Current Engineering Education doctoral student at Virginia Tech
Visiting Faculty Member at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
High School Math and Physics Teacher
Project Engineer for a Commercial Audio/Video Design and Installation Company

Want more info?
check out my portfolio

Relaxing with my Great Pyrenees "Willow"

Relaxing with my Great Pyrenees “Willow”



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